FIOS still out after 10 days. Customer service very disappointing so far
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Good morning,

Our utility pole was knocked down in the storm on Friday June 29 and the FIOS line on the street was apparently damaged. We've had two seperate repair guys come out and each determined that a construction/line crew was needed. Each called in the request. I have been on the phone with tech support three seperate times and nobody, including supervisors, can tell me when and if my service will be restored. The standard answer seems to be that tech support can't contact the construction/line crews directly and sending a request is all they can do.

I don't understand why two divisions in the same company can't communicate and tell me, the customer, when my service will come back on.

I am beyond frustrated after spending hours on the phone. Can someone please help? Does Verizon even want my business and that of my neighbors who can't even get through to customer support?