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FioSTV and Xbox 360 can not connect


I have FioSTv Everything package, with 3 dvr and 1 standard HD set top box. We have 3 xbox 360's in the kids rooms that all have xbox live gold. 

What I don't have is FioS internet, I have to use comcast as I require static IP's for work. I work from home and my company has to have static IP's for VPN. To get this from FioS I have to move to business class and pay more than $100 more that comcast is charging a month.

I like FioSTv and I'm ok with comcast Internet, has I pay a lot of money a month $180 for FioSTV they should have a way of us using the xbox 360 app to watch TV, I pay for the TV service and I have internet access. I would save them band width as I would be using comcasts.

This poor planning on there part, you could activate the xbox with user login and password and store MAC address so that you don't share account info.

Come on FioS what is going on?