Fios 1- Toms River NJ
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I also have a question about Fios1.  I am in Toms River, NJ.  We do not have Fios1 available in my home on any of our convertors/adaptors.  However, I have both a TV and a DVD recorder with QAM tuners, and the channel does show up on them both. 

My question then is two-fold.  If the channel is there, why isn't it receivable with my cable boxes?  And when will it be?  If anybody from Verizon can give me the answer I would be pleased. 

Also, is there any plan on having our local school channel as part of the local origination line up?  We do get Ocean County College now, which is good, but not the local Toms River schools channel.  Years back when it was Bell Atlantic and they were offering an alternative cable service they did carry that channel, so I would think Verizon could now.  We have been getting a local origination channel from Kenilworth, NJ (a long way from Toms River).  Thanks in advance!

Re: Fios 1- Toms River NJ
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Hey TR-Tim...thanks for you interest in Fios1. Currently Fios1 is available to Northern New Jersey customers. Once it becomes available in your area, you will recieve 30 days notice prior to it coming out.  Fios 1 is not encrypted which is why you are able to pick up the channel outside of your box.  Fios 1 is not currently available in your  market which is why it is not being broadcasted thru our boxes.

For your second question, your muncipalities makes the decision as to what access channels are broadcasted. We, here at Verizon, don't make those decisions. You can actually go to your municipality and ask them what their procedure is regarding local access channels and what kind of content you would like to have broadcasted. They in turn submit that information to us.

Thank you for reaching out to us, continue to do so. We are here if you need us. Thank you!