Fios more expensive for PPV??
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Hi all,

1st time looking to order a WWE PPV since becoming a Fios customer and I noticed they charge a bit more than cable does.  Through our local cable company (Cablevision) the ppv order is $44.95 whether you get SD or HD - Fios meanwhile is charging $49.99 for SD and $54.99 for HD - what's up with that?? Anyone know why this is or if there's anything that can be done?

Re: Fios more expensive for PPV??
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Content providers negotiate prices with the each service provider separately.  So I would expect them to be different more often than the same.  Even in cases where the service providers pay the same for the content, there's nothing to force them to charge the same rates to their customers.

It's sort of like shopping in two different grocery stores.  The same product usually varies in price.

Re: Fios more expensive for PPV??
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"Is there anything that can be done?"

Well you basically have 2 options.  Switch to Cablevision, or don't order PPV from Verizon and hope enough people do the same that maybe they will consider lowering the price.