Fios tv app xbox 360

Hope some verizon technincal folks can help. Was thrilled to find out that Verizon had launched a tv app for multiple devices and last year downloaded it to my XBOX 360.  Loved the layout and picture quality is quite good. The only problem was that in the evening it would start buffering making it unwatchable. Called Verizon techinical support and they did not know anything about any issues. Kept telling me to unistall and reinstall and clear cache. Those did nothing to help. They also told me to call back when I was having problems and they would check the network and they would check it out and of course they said the network was up and running. Checked out the forums and found many folks having the same issue. Now my XBOX was wired to my router with a speed of 75/35. My speed tests gave me 80's over 40's.  I finally received a response from a verizon rep via facebook stating that the problem was with the network servers during peak times. He stated that the developmental team that was contracted by Verizon had no fix and were basically baffled.  Of course, the Xfinity app is flawless. He also told me that he was not allowed to officially say anything and was told to keep things quiet. I finally got tired of the smoke and mirrors and gave up on the app. Last week I bought a new 65" Samsung smart tv and behold there was the Verizon Fios TV App. Well I tried it out and **bleep** if it did not start buffering around 2100 hours.  Went to my XBOX 360 and the same thing.  Called Verizon again and after one hour on the phone, I received the same dance and pony show. I went today to buy a new Droid and told the salesman the story. He said he has a 360 and gave up on the app because of the buffering. He stated according to his sources that Verizon is quite aware of the problem. Two other guys chimed in and stated they had the same problem. One with a Samsung tv and the other with a LG tv.  Can someone give us a straight answer or get in touch with the team tasked to work on this app to get the skinny. I have no problem with the app being broken but admit to it. Take it down and fix it. Beta test it !  Thanks