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Garbled sound on new HD TV

Just bought a new Vizio 32" HD TV.  Occasionally, sound is garbled or nonexistent; changing station and then back fixes it. Vizio says it's because STB (which I replaced; didn't solve problem) audio settings are probably set to Dolby/Surround Sound and that it needs to be set to PCM or LPCM as my TV has only two speakers.  Can this setting be changed?  I've read some complaints on-line that the new STB (7100 2) won't allow the output audio settings to be changed.  

Any help/suggestions??

Re: Garbled sound on new HD TV
Contributor - Level 2

I never heard of that brand before.  You can always take yours back to the store and exchange it for another.  I prefer Samsung.  That's a very reliable brand.

But I very much understand that you want to rule some things out before taking your TV back to the store.

OK, you have replaced your STB with the same one that I have so that should definitely resolve any problems with the TV Guide Display.  Isn't that good to know?  So you know that the issue itself is not the STB.  (Process of elimination)

Are you sure your TV is hooked up properly?  I'm only asking because I had an issue with getting the picture and sound from my DVD player to display properly and it's because I had the 3 prongs in the wrong receptacles, confusing them with the receptacles for the blue ray player.  Check the connections in the back against your owner's manual to be sure and make sure everything is plugged in all the way.  Unplug everything and then plug everything back in again, including your STB, to be sure. Your STB will reset itself but that doesn't take too long.

If your TV is hooked up correctly then, like you said, it may be a problem with a setting on your STB.

I have no idea what PCM or LPCM means but try this and forget about the other complaints you heard about this.

I looked up these options on mine:

Click on "Menu", "Settings", and "Audio".  I would sugest going through each of the options available on audio settings and trying one at a time to see if that resolves your problem:

- Adjust the set top box volume.  Is it turned up or is it really low?   I have mine turned up all the way while my TV volume setting is up halfway.

- Adjust the audio format: mono, stereo, or surround.  Do the terms PCM and LPCM refer to mono and stereo?  Try stereo if your TV comes with speakers. 

-  Adjust volume control?  This just allows you to adjust your volume through the box or the TV, fixed or variable.

- Adjust the dyanmic range - none, light, or heavy.  Mine is on heavy.  Maybe that's the issue?  Is yours turned off?

- Don't worry about audio alerts.  I have mine turned off. 

This is scary.  I could work for Verizon's customer service at the rate I'm going with this.  lol