HD wrap-up for 2012
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As much as it seems like Verizon never adds HD, I wanted to check to see how many channels I could find that were added this year. In no particular order, I thought of-

4 more NBA/MLS channels

4 more MLB/NHL channels

Cartoon Network HD

BBC America HD

Multimedios HD

Ultra Docu HD

Ultra Luna HD

Ultra Macho HD

Ultra Fiesta HD

Cine Sony HD

Ultra Cine HD

Ultra Film HD

Ultra Mex HD

Ultra Clasico HD

Ultra Kidz HD

Two temporary HD channels and one 3D channel appeared for the Summer Olympics.

The NYC region saw the addition of MSG 2 HD this year, not too long after MSG HD and MSG+ HD were added late last year. They are still waiting for MSG+2 HD (and any NHL games) this fall.

The Philadelphia sports region still lacks The Comcast Network HD, and Delaware is without MASN2 HD.

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New york area also had one local channel, WLNY, go HD.

Re: HD wrap-up for 2012
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Thanks. I also remembered after I posted that only 3 MLB/NHL channels were added to bring the number to 5. The local addition in New York makes 20 national, 1 local for New York, and 1 regional for the NY sports region. I expect they would add the other sports channel for the NY region this year.

Re: HD wrap-up for 2012
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Wasting bandwidth on ELEVEN (!!!!!) Spanish channels?  And all we get are BBC and CARTOON after such a long wait?  Guess I'm in the wrong country.