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HDNET is No More! What About HDNET Movies?
Contributor - Level 2

It held on as long as it could, but HDNet is following the path of INHD (which became Mojo before disappearing entirely) and Discovery HD Theater (now Velocity) by rebranding itself, and will see itself morph into AXS TV this summer. Of course, HDNet has always focused on "lifestyle programming" and from the looks of it the new channel (pronounced: access) will be very similar, at least for now. HDNet is bringing programming like HDNet Fights, Dan Rather Reports, its concerts and more to the joint venture, which will be combined with its partners AEG, CAA and Ryan Seacrest Media. If HDNet is currently on your programming lineup AXS TV will simply take its place when it launches, and Dish Network actually plans to increase the channel's distribution by adding it to the America's Top 120 package. If you're distressed over the future of Art Mann Presents, check out the press release after the break or a Q&A on the site for more information about what's happening to Mark Cuban's baby.

Re: HDNET is No More! What About HDNET Movies?
Specialist - Level 1

It was stated that HDNet Movies will remain as it is.  THANK GOD!  Otherwise, movie fans would be left with the cropped, altered versions of filme that HBO, MAX, and STARZ shove down our throats.  (Of course, they might be lying about HDNet Movies remaining as we know and love it...time will tell.)

Re: HDNET is No More! What About HDNET Movies?
Contributor - Level 3

fios please tell us when this is happening!!!

Re: HDNET is No More! What About HDNET Movies?
Enthusiast - Level 3

Mark Cuban has always been a little eccentric, but I have to admit that HDNET has pleasantly surprised me. I never would have expected to find reruns of one of the better Canadian science-fiction shows ever made (ReGenesis, from Canada) to be running on what at first glance appears to be the monster truck channel. 

He gets a lot of credit, HDNET was producing HD content pretty much before any other network had even bought the right cameras. I hope they actually enhance the content a little and don't just make it look like every other channel out there.