Harmony 510 Remote - Matching Functions to STB Remote
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I have a QIP6416 and recently purchased a Harmony 510 remote with the hope that it will ease my wife's anxiety regarding our home theater.  Programming basic functions was easy and she can now watch TV or a DVD without messing up the AV receiver.  However, I have not figured out whether there is a pre-defined button on the Harmony which mimics functions like 'DVR' and 'Record'.  The button mapping in the Harmony setup is not totally clear and I would like to hear from others who have gone this route to learn what you did beyond the standard setup.

Re: Harmony 510 Remote - Matching Functions to STB Remote
I don't have a harmony remote control myself, but in case you don't get a lot of replies here, DSL Reports has a lot of harmony users on FiOS. you may find others there that share a similiar set up that can describe what they have set up. http://www.dslreports.com/forum/vzfiostv