I've not check in a while, dvr size is??
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Have they increase the dvr size yet? That's my only stopper from trying fios. Our cable co is increasing size, but i recall fios still has 80gb or so.

For the price of the mail they send me I could have a free subscription, talk about persistent! But I won't get it with Hd and a small hard drive. It makes little sense.

Re: I've not check in a while, dvr size is??

No. the current size is 160 GB, which Verizon estimates corresponds to about 20 hours of HD recordings. While they have not yet dielivered any larger sized DVRs, Verizon has pretty much "announced" that they will be delivering a new Motorola DVR with 320 GB later this year. In fact, you can find the new DVR on the Motorola website with the FiOS label on it. I think they are already testing the new DVR in some areas, not sure where.

Of course you have the option to get something like a Tivo and use that with FiOS. An upfront cost, but people who have done it seem very satisfied.

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Re: I've not check in a while, dvr size is??
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actually from what I hear, they scrapped the 320gb drive in favor of a 500gb drive. Rumor has it that is why its taking longer for the rollout than first reported. But then, this may just be wishfull thinking.