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Re: IMG 1.9 for eSATA Port Activation

@teevee wrote:

I got an email yesterday. It didn't contain a date, but it was an advertisement for the upcoming changes. Hopefully, we all got a similar message. So close...

If you look at the Menu on your STB it should also have a message saying it is coming.

Generally Verizon sends out the emails and puts the notification on the STBs the week before you get the new level, so if you got it this week you will probably see the new IMG next week. No promises though.....

And a suggestion: It is very, very different. I think most people like it (I do), but if you read some of the posts here you will believe that it is awful, terrible, hard/impossible to read, big step backward, on and on, so I encourage you to give it some time with an open mind. There is a lot of new function to go along with the new look, it takes time to adjust to the new look (about a week for me), and probably even longer to find all of the great new function (but it is there).

And a warning: If you have QIP6xxx STBs, then you will definitely not get much of the new function, it will be slow, and from what I have read the guide is more difficult to read than 1.8, so you should investigate getting new QIP7xxx STBs. You can order them on the web or, if you have a Verizon FiOS store nearby, you can probably go there and exchange your STBs (call first). 

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Re: IMG 1.9 for eSATA Port Activation

I am losing patience.  I live near Boston.  Currently on version 1.8.  I called in October and asked when I would be getting the upgrade to 1.9.   They said they couldn't promise, but it should be mid Novemeber.   It is now passed the middle of December and no action.   I am really crippled by the small size of the built in DVR.

What's taking them so long!!!

Re: IMG 1.9 for eSATA Port Activation
Enthusiast - Level 3

@OneQuickSix wrote:

Just saw this ... 

"MD/DC/VA is the biggest market so VZ uses the rest of the country as a beta test before rolling out updates to the DC area market. We get it last but with the least bugs. 

That's exactly what I was thinking. It only makes sense to test in smaller areas first before rolling out new software into larger areas.

Now, if you have something in writing from Verizon that says the feature is available in your area, that is a different issue.

FYI, I'm in Fredericksburg, VA (Northern VA) and am at release 1.9 build 10.95.

Re: IMG 1.9 for eSATA Port Activation

I got my 1.9 upgrade this week.  I have a question about the esata feature.

I hooked up an external drive and everything was recognized and it seems to be working.

The problem/question is that on the external drive, the drive activity light is constantly on and the drive (not the quietest) is always making noise.   This happen all the time, wherther or not anything is being recorded or played back.

Is this "normal"?

I expect the lfe of the hard drive will be diminished if its always operating.

Re: IMG 1.9 for eSATA Port Activation
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The way the DVR works it is always recording what the two tuners are tuned to.  So, YES, its always busy.  It is the reason only certain Hard Drives are recommended, those that are designed for this kind of activity.