Ignored Complaint? Notify your local Cable Television Commision to resolve
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Our county cable franchise agreement for Verizon includes this:

"Under Normal Operating Conditions, the Franchisee shall investigate Subscriber complaints referred by the County within seventytwo 72) hours. The Franchisee shall notify the ounty of those matters that necessitate an excess of seventytwo 72) hours to resolve, but those matters must be resolved within fifteen (15) days of the initial complaint. The County may require reasonable documentation to be provided by the Franchisee to substantiate the request for additional time to resolve the problem. For purposes of this Exhibit and the Agreement, resolve” means that the Franchisee shall perform those actions, which, in the normal course of business, are necessary to investigate the Customer’s complaint, complete any necessary corrective action and advise the Customer and the County, if requested, of the results of that investigation and the resolution of the complaint. "

If you complaint is being ignored by Verizon, as is mine, I suggest you contact your local Cable Television Commision or similar goverment body that set up your franchise agreement.