Kindle Showtime Anytime App 'Unable to log in. Please try again later' when clicking on Provider

I have a Kindle Fire and had been using the Showtime Anywhere app connected to my Verizon Fios subscription without issue, life was great!  Near the end of Sept when I opened the app to watch a show I was prompted to 'Login' in order to view/download content, I am then provided with a list of providers, I click on the 'Verizon' icon and am immediately presented with 'Unable to log in.  Please try again later'  I don't even get to a login window to enter a userid before this message appears. 

I figured something was wrong with the app, I deleted the app, reinstalled it and still didn't resolve the issue.  I then reset the kindle fire back to factory settings and downloaded the app again, still same error.  If I click on Directv as my provider then I get the login window but whenever I click 'Verizon' I get an error.  I then tried the Showtime Anytime app on my Galaxy S6, clicked 'Verzon' as my provider, entered my credentials and the app works fine.

Any ideas on why it doesn't work on the Kindle Fire anymore?