Lost Audio on some channels

For the past week I occasionally lose audio on some channels. Last week it was MSNBC (HD) and tonight it was TBS-HD during the NLDS game. Had FiOS installed on 8/3/11 with new Cisco DVR STB. The only way to restore it is to power cycle the box. The upstairs STB (non-dvr) works fine and has audio when I lose it on the dvr.

Any help?

Re: Lost Audio on some channels
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Add to it the NHL-HD channel.  

For about a week the NHL-HD channel came in SD.  Called Verizon and they insisted that the channel came that way.  Meanwhile my sister in MA, who has Comcast, was watching the same program in HD!!

Well, after numerous chats with the Verizon folks, today at 5:00 PM or so, they restored the HD picture.  However, sometime between 6:05 PM and 6:30 PM, the sound went out.

This is a regular feature with Verizon and the NHL channel.  Somebody in the central office apparently does not like hockey.