MLB Extra Innings - UNSAT!

Why do we paying subscribers put up with the FIOS MLB Extra Innings disaster?

      1. Why do I have to be a programmer in order to ensure an entire game will be recorded?  If a game exceeds 3 hours, you are out of luck unless you go through the 15-step process of adding extra time to the DVR recording.  Why can't the program continue to its conclusion without the extra action required by the paying subscriber? There are rarely, if any, conflicts with a later west coast game on the same channel. 

     2.  Why must we subscribers accept loss of the introductory statements, lineups, and preliminary film clips when tuning into a pre-recorded ball game?

     3.  Why can't we program the DVR to record a whole series of games for a particular team? 

     4.  Why is there not a way of getting a schedule and channel lineup for the next 2 weeks on the Extra Innings home page?  We paying subscribers are required to go online to print a schedule from IN Demand and then proceed to program DVR recordings for each game - oh, and don't forget, if you want to make sure that all of your game has been recorded, one must go through the 15-step process for each and every game.

Bottom line: DirecTV is much more user-friendly and carries a llot more HD games - by the way, if a game is broadcast in HD and I am paying VZ for HD, why can't I see a ball game in HD?  There is something wrong here.

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Re: MLB Extra Innings - UNSAT!
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The EI package that is provided to the cable companeis through In Demand is different then the one Directv gets.  If you search back through this forum to the beginning of the season you will see that many posters said they were not going to buy the package due to the lack of HD games (usually only get 1-2 games a day in HD).