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Is MNET going a replacement for the STC channel? I noticed the name of the channel has changed and updated with MNET programming. Sad to say that when I tuned to the channel it was still STC. I hope we get a 24/7 MNET channel, I've missed alot on my favorite shows.
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MNET was added on channel 229 on friday morning where there is no longer a soundtrack channel there to watch. The logo is there so if you were to refresh your box you would see the full schedule for the next two weeks with the names of movies, music shows and other programs that they would normally feature on that network. There is also a matter of the paid programming on channel 229 that is not listed at all which advertisers are paying verizon for those spots but verizon does not have them listed. At 7am everyday there is always a new paid programming spot there but it is listed as a music video show. It has become quite clear now that verizon is going to be adding more international content in the near future which is a wise move as they seek to try to provide content for people of all different backgrounds as they continue to try to add as many customers as they can. Now only if they could add some more channels to their spanish package that other providers already have that give some of them an advantage with spanish speaking audiences then people would drop their local cable provider and satellite providers as fast as they can. Some channels that verizon could add to the spanish package that their competition has that is to their competitor's advantage and to verizon's disadvantage are latino america tv, ntn 24, htv, tv venezuela, caracol, telefe, canal sur peru and peru magico. Sur peru and peru magico i know for a fact that whether a provider has it or not it is a big factor as to whether people will consider verizon for their tv but since verizon does not have those two channels instead they go with direct tv for their tv instead just because of their spanish package.

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Nice to finally see what is actually playing on this channel now.