Media Manager for Mac not seeing any iPhoto Albums

I just installed Media Manager for Mac on my Snow Leopard Mac.  I can successfully stream all of my iTunes library, but within Media Manager, the "iPhoto Sharing" tab shows no albums or anything from my iPhoto.  I currently use iPhoto '08, which I was under the assumption is supposed to work.  I have tried uninstalling Media Manager and re-installing, but that hasn't worked.  I made sure that my albums were sharable and public from within iPhoto.  I have checked my sharing settings within the System Preferences.  Nothing seems to work, and I cannot find any help for this matter.  Any feedback would be great!

Can Media Manager stream directly from a Media Server
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I have an HP Media Smart Server (running Windows Home Server) on my network where I store all my audio, video, photos etc.

Can I stream directly from that to my Set Top Box and not have to have another PC in the way?

It surely seems like going through another PC is just going to slow things down and get in the way.

My PS3 can stream directly from the server.....saw it immediately.

Thanks for any input


Re: Media Manager Miscellaneous Issues (Photo problems, OS questions, and General posts)
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Is there video quality loss when playing videos from the Media Manager to the TV?

Re: Media Manager Miscellaneous Issues (Photo problems, OS questions, and General posts)
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1) Is there a location for an explanation of error messages? In particular a flashing h5

2) Is there way to check/update the STB software to see if that resolves a media manager issue? (in particular the flashing h5)

3)  I'm not sure why it seems to sporadically play audio and then decides to show the error message. I've quit/relaunched the app, turned the STB on and off, etc. Does the source computer need to be directly connected to the router via an ethernet cable? Shouldn't it also work via a wireless connection?

4) Just my $0.02 (although I see it's an opinion shared by others) the application seems to have been released without sufficient beta testing. IMO, this thing was not ready for a "gold release."

MediaManager NO artwork or images for videos


     I have installed and uninstalled media manager many times with the same results.  It will not show artwork at all in MUSIC and it will not show any images for videos.  It does show previews in pictures but only after many uninstall and installs. Any ideas or help will be appreciated.  It did seem to work once before Media Manager before I moved my ITUNES from a external drive back to C: drive.  Itunes shows all artwork and artwork shows on 2 ipods.  But I don't know why it won;t preview videos icons.  I am running Windows 7 on a new HP computer.  The songs and videos do play via media manager to my TV but with no artwork or video preview icons.  Any suggestions?



Re: Media Manager Miscellaneous Issues (Photo problems, OS questions, and General posts)
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Running Media Manager on iMac with Snow Leopard and it was running fine for a while, but now crashes everytime it launches.  Did a reinstall but still have same issue.

Any suggestions?

Re: Media Manager Miscellaneous Issues (Photo problems, OS questions, and General posts)
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I have the exact same issue. Reinstalled as well, same issue.

Re: Media Manager Miscellaneous Issues (Photo problems, OS questions, and General posts)
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I just purchased a new computer, a apple Imac.

I have installed parallels software and am running windows 7 32bit virtual machine on it.

i have installed verizon media manager on the VM.

However, when i go to my TV and try to detect the device, it fails. Both the imac and VM have an IP directly from the fios router (192.168.1.x)

Is there any settings i need to configure so that the TV will find the device?


Unable to run Media Manager - Runtime error

I had the media manager running great then it asked me to update the software this weekend.  So I went ahead and upgraded it.  I now get  "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Libarary Error"  The problem is when it is trying to run \Verizon\Verizon Media Manager\

Release\ConvertDB.exe.    I have deleted and reinstalled the program several times and nothing seems to change this.  Any ideas what I can do to get this running?

Re: Media Manager Miscellaneous Issues (Photo problems, OS questions, and General posts)
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I recently upgraded to the Home Media DVR from the HD STB.  So far, I am impressed with the box's ability to display photos, music, and videos from my PC.

However, I have a couple of questions/comments that hopefully someone can answer:

1.) Is there a way to setup the sort order for the files to be displayed on the box?  I see how for the videos, it bunches them by month, but then within that folder, the order appears to random.

      a.) perhaps if we could set the view to "list" view rather than "thumbnail" view, we would be able to navigate more easily

      b.) if the default view is alphabetic, then how about adding a "search" field so that you can filter on the file you are specifically looking for

2.) When playing music, can we set the screen to show something other than just the title name (kind of like a screensaver, but with other options)?  I understand that we can set a screensaver for to appear after a period of time, but it would be nice to have enable it first

3.) When viewing photos, can we setup music to play along with them?

4.) For some reason, when I view the photos, I can still hear the TV program going on the background based upon whatever channel I left at.  Is there a way to disable that?