Media Manager does not recognize "Music Folder"

For some reason I can create a single, large playlist from the folder containing my MP3 files, but Media Manager does not show the the Music Folder itself in the section under the available playlists. For example, I choose File -> Add Media, then choose the folder containg the MP3s from the Medai Manager - Add Media screen. Nothing appears in the Music Folder section of the main Media Manager screen. I've also left clicked on the Music Folder icon on the main Media Manager screen, selected Add Folder, chosen "Comp" from the icons on the Choose Media screen, navigated to the folder containing the MP3s, and clicked the Add button in the middle of the screen. Again, the folder does not appear on the Media Manager, Music Folder section. If I drag and drop the entire folder from Windows File Manager, onto the main Media Manager screen it will create a singl, large playlist. But this useless for me (since it is in song title order, not artist, album, etc.). Only the Music Folder option allows the songs to be automatically organized by title, artist, abum, etc.

Re: Media Manager does not recognize "Music Folder"
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Try this thread, it may help. Good luck.