Missing Movies

In Richmond, Va. On Demand is constantly advertising "Incredible Hulk" "Get Smart" and "Sisterhood of Traveling Pants II". Indeed, they are showing "Get Smart" as number three in total subscriptions. However, none of these movies can be accessed in Richmond

I am told that, for some reason, the new On Demand movies just don't reached Richmond as fast as other regions. This is the reason that a movie, we cannot get, can be number three in Verizon On Demand popularity . If that is the case, why advertise them before they are available? It's frustrating for my daughter. Now, when she sees an advertisement for a new On Demand movie, she says "There's no use looking, it's not going to be there."

Although I can write a book on the problems with Comcast, advertising on demand movies that were not available at the time was not one of them.

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Re: Missing Movies

The exact thing happened to me in Ellicott City, Maryland.  We wanted to watch Get Smart (it was number 3).  I called, got a run around.  One person thought they were "generating interest" by running ads before the movie was available.  That really made me mad and I asked to file a complaint, but customer service was not open then.  I have to wait until Monday.

The movie did show up on Saturday!!