Movie breaks up, pauses and eventually stops, wont resume

Good Day to Die Hard kept pixelating, pausing etc. Stopped a few times. Eventually I gave up watching it.

How do I get a refund?

Why does Verizon send out "Thank you for purchasing" emails but not ask about the experience or provide a way to send feedback?

Re: Movie breaks up, pauses and eventually stops, wont resume

Had exactly the same experience except the movie eventually died and couldn't restart.

Called Tech Support and (after waiting 25 min on hold) was told that they were  doing work on the server (Sat Nite 8pm) and it may be available in a few hours.

He put me through to Customer Support who said that they couldn't take it off the bill.  I would have to call back after I get my bill and ask for a credit.  You've got to be kidding me.  They aren't empowered to just take it off.

There's no way I'd remember to call back a month from now for $6.

So I sit down to writer a complaint and you're right.  There is absolutely no way to complain except to go on the forum for everyone else to see. 

We spend over $400 a month on various Verizon services and I have to call back in a month for $6.

Buh Bye.