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Movies on Demand
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I rented a movie last week (full price). When it came on it said "this movie will be available for 30 days in your library.  After watching the movie it disappeared.  In order to make sure I understood how this works, I called CSR and asked if I rented a movie on the Friday Night Movie sale, how long did I have to watch it.  The first two women I spoke with told me that I had to watch it within 24 hours.  If I rented two movies, I still only had 24 hours to watch them. It took each of them about 20 minutes to come up with this answer. 

This did not sound right so I called back and got a somewhat more knowledgeable guy. He spent another 20 minutes trying to find the answer and finally admitted--they had no information on that and I should read whatever it said when I rented the movie because they are all different.

Tonight I went online to rent a Friday night movie. When I got to the terms, it said "You have 30 days to begin watching (Movie Name) online. You have 48 hours to finish watching it once you begin."  Not wanting to watch it online, I turned on the tv to order it on tv.  When I got to the terms it said "You have 48 hours to begin watching (Movie Name). You have 30 days to finish view it." 

Huh? What is going on with Verizon? Why can't they make and put a clear policy where it can be read? Why are the terms apparently different online than on tv (both Flexview). Is Verizon incompetent and they got the instructions backwards?  Somebody please tell me what the policy is actually supposed to be if you happen to know, because apparently Verizon cannot tell me. I've already spent hours today just trying to find out this info which should not be this complicated.  I rented the two movies--have no idea how long I actually have to watch them.

Re: Movies on Demand

The lack of clarity on such an important feature of the transaction is atrocious.  And it is probably not in Verizon’s financial interest! 

Re: Movies on Demand

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