Multiroom DVR Reboots While Watching Shows In Other Rooms
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We are having a truly terrible time with our multiroom DVR.  It is a Motorola QIP-6416-2 which we have had for several years. Anytime someone watches a show from another room via the multiroom feature, the DVR crashes and reboots.  This occurs after several minutes of watching a show.  In a typical 60 minute show, the DVR crashes and reboots 3-4 times.  The other set top boxes must then refresh the DVR list, and when they replay the show, it starts from the beginning.  We have checked our cabling, along with hard reseting the box (unplugging for a few minutes, then restarting).  

It seems as if the problem coincides with the new software image that was installed.  Though we can live with the very slow menu response and the guide being unable to display full screen, the crashing when watching shows using the multiroom feature is something we cannot.  If anyone has any ideas, we would really appreciate them!

Re: Multiroom DVR Reboots While Watching Shows In Other Rooms
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Hello I am sorry your DVR is acting up on you, if you PM me your information, I can ship you a 7216 dvr, that will give you a faster response time, the full screen guide. and should resolve your rebooting issue. The drawback is that there is no way to move any recorded programs you may have saved.