NHL Center Ice ch#5 (1479)

Has anyone been having trouble watching games on NHL5 of the center ice package?  On 11/01/09 the San Jose vs Carolina game didn't appear on the screen.  The channel was there, just the programming schedule for NHLci. It couldn't have been blocked out in my area (Indiana).  I contacted tech support. After an hour of getting nowhere, they finally determined that there may have been an issue with the feed from the broadcasting network.  Consequently, I missed the entire game.  Tonight I tuned to the same channel and low in behold that game EDM vs NYI was missing, too.  Not that I wanted to watch this game, but when you pay $163 for a package, you should be able the games!!!!!  I contacted tech support this time via email....didn't want to spend an hour on the phone resetting my boxes.....like that will help!!!!

So, is anyone else having problems with NHL center ice channel 5?