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New Channels Coming In Espanol
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New channels that will be added by tv providers next month include unimas and cnn latino then later univision telenovelas plus foro tv where later in the year fox news is looking at launching a fox news latino channel although it could be pushed back to the follwing year if things do not go as planned. Unimas (univision mas) is a channel that will have content from colombian channels caracol and rt colombia will also include content from televisa. Univision mas will be replacing telefutura on january 7 where that channel which is primarily all soap operas and movies will no longer exist as univision telenovelas will be added soon at channel 1584 on the fios guide. Another channel called cnn latino is set to launch at the end of january in los angeles which will then expand to other cities throughout the country. It is not to be confused with cnn espanol channel 1540 which is a different channel. Then you have fox news who after the launch of mundofox is looking to launch a channel that will be like cnn espanol called fox news latino. Disney announced they will be teaming up with univision to launch a channel next year for spanish speaking people that will be a bilingual channel and comcast announced they are creating a whole bunch of their own spanish channels for their customers. According to nielsen there are 50 million hispanics in the country where that number is increasing with each day that passes who have over 1 trillion dollars to spend where in 5 years that number will be 1.5 trillion. Tv providers are doing everything they can to see to it they have enough content to satisfy everyone who speaks spanish in the country as spanish speaking audiences are seen as the key group that everyone wants to get. Without content that is able to reach everyone in the spanish speaking community no tv provider will be able to survive in the long run if they do not meet the needs of what that key group wants. Verizon needs to step up in this area because every tv provider is willing to provide their customers with at least one 24/7 channel from a south or central american country. As of right now there are still no channels being offered by verizon from peru like peru magico or canal sur peru, or a channel from venezuela like tv venezuela, or another channel like latino america tv or even a channel in hd like espn deportes which most providers have. Verizon better step up soon or they will be even further behind the competition than they already are when it comes to programming that is in spanish. The los angeles times had a article in their tv section 2 days ago about how this past presidential election woke up a lot of tv providers to this new reality that if a tv provider does not provide the kind of programming that spanish speaking audiences want they will lose out on that key demographic's money and viewership.

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