New DVR - Can not run diagnostics
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A while back I posted a question about a) why  the info on Vz web site is not right. The STB's labels shown are wrong.

b) Also and more oddly for some odd resaon since getting the new HD MR-STB if I try running Auto Fix Common  DVR issues.

I get a screen saying MR DVR feature requires a DVR capable STB to be present. Our records show you do not currently have a DVR STB. Then it says call 1-800-Verizon opt. 3. There is no option 3. When I call Vz support I am told everything is fine. The box is enabled and everything. So why if I have a DVR do I get a msg. telling me I don't?  And how do I get the Vz screen corrected.

The In Home Agent is right. I'd think they were all in sync w/ea. other.

Re: New DVR - Can not run diagnostics
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I apologize for the problems you are having. I have sent you a private message to get more info.

Re: New DVR - Can not run diagnostics

i have the same problem with vz iha tv quick fix dvr autofix - can't run dvr troubleshooting because i need a stb.