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I was told by your Marketing Div. that a new DVR is available that records 500 GB. I would like to be put on a list  to get this as soon as possible. I have been a loyal customer for 5 years now and I record a lot. Please let me know when I can get this new box. I would appreciate an answer. Thank you.  G. Soria

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Hello krofdorf

This is a peer to peer support forum. To inquire about or order Verizon products or services, you need to contact Verizon directly


If, for some reason chat doesn't work for you, or calling doesn't yield any results, then go ahead and place yourself on the request list. -> My TV -> Set Top Box -> bottom right banner ad about ur DVR > Click and fill in the info to be placed on the list.     

Most people are contacted within 3-5 days with a link to do the upgrade online. 

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Go to FiOS TV Central , log in (you have to have a valid Veriozn log in / password), click on the DVR tab.  On the right (near the top) should be a a box that says "Want more from
your FiOS DVR?".  Click the LEARN MORE button and you should be taken to a sign up page for upgrading to the higher capacity DVR.

Be aware that you will then be notified by email how to order (there is a waitng list, but I believe it is fairly short now).  There is a $40 upgrade fee if you place the upgrade order.

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I want.. make that NEED the large capacity DVR!!  When I click on the "DVR" tab in my account, there is no box!  HELP!!

Question about this new 500g DVR...  I now have 2 HD DVR's and as we all know, the capacity is lacking, but at least I can record 3 or 4 shows at the same time.  Is there any way to find out how many shows i can watch live, on dvr, record etc:?  I can find NO info on this new unit.  Can someone direct me to some place where I can see it and learn about it?  I called Verizon last night and spoke to 2 fairly useless people - neither knew a thing about the new Box.

Thank you in advance!

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The model is QIP7232 and is basically the same as a 7216 EXCEPT that it has a 500 GB drive (several other differences - looks, size, internal RAM and processor).

Try going to MY TV => SET TOP BOXES and look on the right side of the page for "Want more from your FiOS DVR?" and click on the LEARN MORE button (may have sent you in the wrong direction before - my apologies).

This is where I end up (before pusihing the Learn button) -

LINK - Motorola sight regarding QIP7232