New signup - new 7232 DVR
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I currently have fios internet and phone and was considering adding TV.  However, the DVR's that are described are on website have a way too small HD...only 20 hours of HD recording.  Are new customers receiving the new 7232 DVR's with the 500GB HD or are they receiving the old boxes.  Is there any way to insure that as a new customer you would receive the 7232?  Thanks

Re: New signup - new 7232 DVR
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I've heard multiple stories of folks getting the older 160gig DVR's then being provided a link to upgrade to the 500gig DVR for a $40 fee.   

I've also heard stories of folks getting the the 7323 on day 1.  Its a crap shoot and when your VZ tech arrives at your door you may want to ask him up front which DVR you are getting.

anybody give an update on availability of 7232 for brand new customers?

This thread was back in March, since then, I've seen many posters talking about their *new* 7232 when they are brand new customers (the original poster here was a customer, but was adding TV. Now, I see customers that are completely brand new to FIOS geting 7232 on day 1).

So, what is it like now?  I was just with online help and they were going through a standard script (how many TVs do you have?) and denied that there *was* a 7232-- literally stating there was no such thing, just a DVR and a STB. After I gave the representative the link to the user guide for the 7232, she, said the 7232 model wasn't out yet. This prompted me to give her many links to these forums showing that people were using the boxes. At that point, she claimed that they were only going for upgrades and that I would have to sign up, then make a second appointment for a tech and pay a fee for an upgrade.  I tried giving her links to the forums to show that some people are clearly getting these boxes on day 1, but she said I would never get one and would have to upgrade.

I know for a fact that the other boxes won't work for me (I need good CEC capability to work with my home theater system). Does anyone know if they can get the 7232 on day 1 more easily now - has it become more routine for Verizon to distribute these to new customers now?

Is there any way for me to specifically request this if I order online?

If the tech comes to the door and I tell him that it's 7232 or bust, will he charge me for the visit if he can't provide one?

Re: anybody give an update on availability of 7232 for brand new customers?
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I just had a new install on the 26th and I received the 7232's.  I've heard it was hit and miss and the online overseas chat people tell you that you won't get a 7232 on a new install but can immediately request an upgrade and pay $40 for the better box.  How ridiculous is that?  Anyway, when I received my online confirmation of my install appt they asked if I had any special requests.  I said "please bring 7232 boxes".  Although I doubt that made a difference.  I would have sent the installer away if he didn't have the 7232.  The old boxes have an unacceptably small HD.  I don't believe there would have been any charge for the visit.  I live in Southern CA.