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Seriously, I would like to complain about Nick Mom on Nick Jr...

I realize that Verizon is not responsible for the change however you do have a responsibility to your customers and the communities Verizon serves. I was unaware of the change and our kids were watching Nick Jr when it changed over in the time at 7:30. I caught 5 to 8 minutes of the nightclub show that was the 1st show, which included breast jokes, a handjob for sleep joke, and the word "b.tch". Luckily, the kids were occupied at time (no one noticed it or the change in programming at first).  I thought someone accidentally change the channel to Comedy Central but no. Then looked found out about the changes 

There's nothing wrong with programming in itself...however...This type entertainment  in NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN! (AND DOES NOT BELONG ON CHILDREN'S CHANNEL, in our opinion) simply put it  on another channel or change over if that what you want. It seems all they want whatever makes the most $.

Someone should be running a ton of disclaimers constantly advising any viewer (Parents) of type of ADULT material running and not the normal Nick Jr programming. That where Verizon does have some responsibility and ability to ensure everyone is aware, since apparently we're going to be this kind ridiculous stuff.

And for the Morons at Nickelodeon "Wow...really no shame what so ever, anything for money huh guys? What's next porn at late night? may be Rave All Night?"  

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Well said.

I clicked the safty concern link at the bottom of the Nickjr website.  I also called the Viacom corperate office and complained  and asked my concerns to be addressed by the program manager.  This has nothing to do with Verizon, but the corporate{please keep your posts courteous} at Viacom who own Nickelodeon.