Re: On Demand Update
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Totally agree this new upgrade is horrible.  Favorites button on remote no longer works.   Guide filter of “favorites” doesn’t save when the tv is turned off.  Next time I turn the tv on, I have to set the filter again.  Don’t care to see tv show information covering bottom third of screen when simply changing channels.  Ability to jump forward by 10 minute intervals on recorded shows is gone.  Guide itself is extremely small.  Movies used to appear in a different color in all shows are black.  I too wonder do they even test this on focus groups before moving it into production?  This upgrade is not user friendly at all.

Re: On Demand Update
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This update IS SO bad. Now I spend a few minutes a day trying to find info online for what an be done to change it back. Please Verizon, downgrade the software and make your customers happy(ish) again.

I think they want customers to use the voice control  more. I'm not  a fan of using voice control.

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Re: TV configuration
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I agree. It is the absolute worst thing they have done yet. I would rather just turn the tv off than deal with this new guide. 

New Interactive Guide is Horrendous
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As a software developer myself I have to say the re-design of the interactive guide is horrible. It's virtually unusable. Severe latency on VMS - even directly entering a channel, way too cluttered, the descriptions are all cut off so you have to always go into info to get a full description, but then you can't get back to where you were, etc. If you click On Demand you better go get a cup of coffee.

About the only thing I like is they gave us the option to revert previous channel back to previous channel and not the past 50 things i've watched.

Always swore by verizon but it's getting worse and worse.

Updated FiOS TV Guide
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So you felt the need to update the channel guide, whoever decided this should be fired.  You really made it much more difficult for people to see, make the font smaller so you can increase the number of lines and then remove the category colours.   Good work making it easier for me to decide to leave Verizon I would say

Updated Guide - Awful
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Unable to locate the filter for "all subscribed channels" - seems like a have to use "favorites" as a work around.  Anyone locate the "all subscribed" filter?  Please let me know.

Fonts are too small to be read from a comfortable distance, this "update" is truly a step back.  Should have had some beta testing for comment.  I doubt I will renew with Verizon FIOS -- it's that bad.

Re: recent guide and search format change
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Re: On Demand/Guide Update

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