Re: On Demand charging for new episodes on Channels that I already subscribe to.
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Again I just joined FiOS 2 years later this is still true. I started watching 2 broke girls and the only season that I could get for free with season 4. Now as I say that that show has been canceled for a while and is re-airing on TBS. However, it was originally aired by NBC. Back to my watching the only free season, season 4 - angrily but saying whatever - if 2 broke girls I get to episode 13 and suddenly it's not free that's paper that all the way up to episode 19 I believe. 19, 20, and 21 were again free. This screams blatantly getting the customer to get involved in the show and then what episodes in the middle they have to pay for because of that market research shows that people would be mad but then end up paying for it. This was a week ago or so. Just went in and now only the last three episodes of season 4 are available for free and season 5 is there for free. **bleep**?! I also just changed my package so I could watch Logo... When to its on demand section and there is not one single episode of ANYTHING that is free... And it is part of my package meaning I am paying for it this is total **bleep**. Also the only thing available is episodes of shows when logo are his movies all the time and Comcast I've heard those I believe as well as other platforms like Prime. There has to be some kind of fraud going on's like the **bleep** of living in Taxaxhusetts as I do where they get away with things like charging sales tax on cars and at the same time town's charge excise tax YEARLY.  GRRR. 

PLEASE don't any of you "Premium Contributors" (whatever that means to begin with) respond to my post with irrelevant and unhelpful platitudes. And btw if this is just a peer-to-peer forum why am I directed here every time I ask Google a question about FiOS and where is the forum with actual Verizon FiOS employees answering these questions?

Mad disappointed... It feels like paying for nothing basically. A certain service is expected and should be delivered. I also want to see again documentation showing that the money charged for these on demand episodes actually goes to the networks not Verizon FiOS.

Re: On Demand charging for new episodes on Channels that I already subscribe to.
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The terms of service don't give any guarantees for On Demand Content.

What content is available on demand is governed by the contracts the cable providers sign with the content providers.

Some cable providers may be in a position to sign better contracts than others. Or more willing to pay extra for the content.

In the case of CBS (where Two Broke Girls originally aired) they have their own streaming service.  You can't even get much content on their website as a lot of it moves you over to their streaming service to get it.

And TBS may not have paid (or not been allowed) to add it to their On Demand offerings.

As I stated earlier, it looks like more and more, content providers are looking to move viewers to their own service rather than allowing cable or other streaming services to show anything other than what is on their linear channels.

Yes this is mainly a peer to peer support forum.
For direct FiOS support, try them on twitter @verizonsupport.

Although this support is mainly for technical issues.

Re: On Demand charging for new episodes on Channels that I already subscribe to.

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