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Re: 2017 on demand fees
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Super User

About Emerald city, I can't check Verizon being Frontier.  But episode 1 and 2 were shown as a single episode and on Frontier show as such in On-demand.  The next episode is episode 3 "Mistress -- New -- Mistress".

Premium Channel On Demand
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I recently wanted to watch Black Sails which is series on Stars Network. I subscribe to Stars and many other premium channels and I pay a lot of money a month to have this service. Why do I have to pay again per episode? It looks like all the seasons have some episodes for free and some have a $ sign next to it. I should not have to pay again for specific episodes since I already pay for premium service. 

This is truly dissapointing!!! please tell me this is some sort of a mistake you are trying to work out. 


Re: On Demand charging for new episodes on Channels that I already subscribe to.
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If there are other threads, could you post them?

Re: Premium Channel On Demand
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First make sure that it doesn't show up with multiple offerings  Sometimes you can fine a show being offered for a fee AND being offered to subscibers of a channel.

Which shows and ipisodes are free are controlled by the content owner, in this case Starz, and not controlled by Verizon.  Verizon does have a say in how much to charge above what they have to pay Starz.

"Alternative Facts"
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Hard to swallow that its the channel that's responsible and not Varizon and its horrible new on demand.

Last night Wednesday, 1/25, I tried to view:

The Young Pope, Monday 1/23

The Daily Show, Tuesday 1/24

Taboo, Tuesday 1/24

It seems way more than coincidence that these show from different networks were all unavailable.

Just reason #27 that the new on demand stinks.

new on demand system
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Your new on demand system is much harder to use and much slower to exit from. Went to watch TV last night and had dollar signs in front of network shows as well as channels (3) that I pay for. Why would episode 9 of the Blacklist have a dollar sign, But none one 8 or10? Pay channels the same. Had to call and was given a differant way to go into system, will try tonight. Employee also found system hard to use. Who ever came up with new format needs to rethink this one. Was so very frustrated, was almost ready to take the 350.00 contract hit and leave. As I said will re-try tonight when I get home from work . I will not re-pay for something I am already charged for. My bill would be thru the roof!

Re: "Alternative Facts"
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Just checked and I had the daily show for yesterday available on demand.

2 complaints.
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What's with this charging for TV shows in ondemand. I pay what i consider a pretty heavy price and now I'm expecting to pay for TV shows too. Verizon needs to fix this.  it's just making my decision to cut the cable cord that much easier. The other thing is this new ondemand interface. It's clunky and slow. Much harder to find the shows I'm looking for. There is an old saying, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Re: 2 complaints.
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Super User

According to Verizon, no change in the number of shows being offered for free.

The new interface combines the paid ones with the free ones.

You can change the filter to only see free shows.

Paid content (other than VOD movies) are controlled by the content provider.

New On Demand Screen and Pricing
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I checked out FIOS On Demand for the first time a few days ago in more than a month, and the whole interface has changed.  Along with this change, it seems that almost no On Demand shows are free anymore, even more network shows.  Programs like The Walking Dead and The Americans on AMC and FX, channels in my package, all have a cost to watch On Demand.  Even most sitcoms on a channel like CBS are only free if you watch one of the last 3-5 episodes with older shows having a charge.  This seems like a clear case of double-dipping.  If I set my DVR I can watch these shows for free, but if I watch On Demand I have to pay yet again even though I'm already paying for them as part of my package.  I can't seem to get a straight answer on whether or not this is their new policy or a glitch.  I've been told both.  Is anyone else having to pay for shows that aren't on premium channels?