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Is anyone else **bleep** at how much we pay for this TV service, and how unresponsive Verizon is to our complaints? I watch very few network TV shows. The one's I like, and sometimes cannot watch live, I try to catch on demand later. One that is widely viewed, seems to never be made available on demand until the episodes are almost a week old. For example, NCIS airs Tues. nights. It's Sunday, and this past week's show is still not available on demand. 5 days later, and it's almost time for the next episode to air live. When I call for technical assistance, it's always the same story, "we don't control that, it's done by an outside contractor...sooorrry. Anything else I can help you with?" Why would I want your help with something else? You didn't address my complaint with this issue. Oh yeah, there is something else. I used to be able to watch old shows on demand, and scroll through the stupid commercials. Now " fast forward is not supported" how is that even legal? Networks, and Verizon, made their ad dollars when they broadcast it live. Now we're forced to watch them, even on demand. Prices keep going up, services are going down. I was thinking of "upgrading" to quantum TV, but why should I? Maybe Direct TV is a better, more customer friendly way to go.
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The fast forward is disabled because the networks providing the content want it that way (i.e. they want you to watch the commericals). It's not Verizon doing that and you'll find that it is the same (i.e. disabled) for all cable providers (Comcast, TWC, etc.). And of course it is very legal.

The timing of when things become available is problematic, I agree with that.

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It's a free market.  If you don't like Verizon switch your sevice.  I know I found Direct TV MUCH MORE FRUSTATING.  Every time a cloud came over TV was out.  It was "fixed" numerous times but a day or two later I would be out for day and NO CREDIT, so I canned DirectTV after a month.  I did not have to pay any EFT since the "professional" installers could not provide a reliable service.

BTW the "fast forard is not supported" is required by owners of the conent.  You need to complain to owner of contents not Verizon.  And you new provider will also have the "fast forard is not supported" for certain content.