Ordering an additional STB box online?

I've looked through the web site and can't find a place to order an additional HD STB. There is a place where  you can go and order new service but it keeps giving me "Sorry, can't pull your records up at this time" message.  Is there somewhere on the web site where I can order a new STB or do I have to wade through the Verizon message prompts until I get a human senerio?  I usually end up just hitting zero and the # key until it gives up and finally sends me to a human, but it's still a pain having to call in.


Re: Ordering an additional STB box online?
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The Option is available on the Main Overview Screen when you logon to MyVerizon.

From there select TV and there will be an option to add/return equipment.

I ordered a DCA700 this way and had it in just a few days.