Picture quality
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I've had FIOS at this address for five years with no picture quality issues.  About a month ago, the external box failed after all those lightening storms.  Verizon replaced the box but now I keep getting interruptions to the picture and sound, almost like a burp.  It shows up live as well as in tape replays.  Last night my SD box froze and it took several reboots and fixes to unfreeze it. Is it possible something is not quite right about the new ONT installation.  Seems odd I didn't have these problems with the old box.

Re: Picture quality
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You may need to replace your SD Box, just call customer service and let them know. 

It may just be your SD Box on top of TV that  needs to be replaced.

Verizon is  very good they ship the box out via UPS you receive it within 1- 2 days you receive the replacement box.

You will return the old box in the box they sent to you and they include a prepaid UPS Postage Sticker.

You just drop off your Box At UPS.

Make sure you keep the receipt UPS gives you and track the number to make sure Verizon received.

Just print a copy of that UPS Delivery Verification letter and staple to your copy of UPS Receipt Always Keep this information as this is proof you returned the box and have UPS delivery verification that they received the Box you returned.