Pixelation issues with VoD

Getting pixelation and sound dropping through ALL of certain shows.

I have read through the forums: I've checked my wiring, I have tried playing with the AC on and off... everything I have seen here, but there is a catch witch proves (I believe) that it is not my hardware.

For instance, I felt like watching Game of Thrones today...

Season 4 Ep 1 - Could not watch due to pixelation and sound dropping through ENTIRE episode
Ep 2 - Watched it just fine
Ep 3 - BAD

4 - GOOD

5 - BAD

6 - GOOD

7 - BAD

8 - GOOD

9 - BAD

10 - BAD

The "Good" ones are flawless, no problems, absolutely what I pay for...

The "Bad" ones are unwatchable in any way.

I am seeing this intermittant GOOD and BAD quality On Demand often lately.

What's going on and please do not tell me to reconnect my equipment (which I have done just in case) The above problems do not describe an issue with my hardware.

I have so few reasons to ever complain about my service, I love you guys!! But this is way more than irritating for the amount of money I pay each month.

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Re: Pixelation issues with VoD

I have been experiencing this on all VOD TV shows and movies since installing Quantum VMS and clients. VZ tech came out to check signal (excellent) and said it is a known problem for 3 weeks now. VZ customer service personnel just refuse to admit it.  I am in Virginia Beach.