Please stop the Ad Banner for NFL
Enthusiast - Level 2

Verizon, please stop the NFL Zone banner ad.

At least once a day, all of my set top boxes pauses for serveral seconds when I try to get to the guide, menu, or on demand, then it displays a banner advertisement for some NFL channel.   It won;t go away using the green D button as it describes.

But I eventually get rid of it only to have it come back later in the day or then next day.  This happens on all of my set top boxes.

This type of advertising is VERY intrusive and annoying, especially when I trying to use features of a server I pay a lot of money for.  And to make it even more annoying, I can't think of anying I need pushed in my face less the NFL football.

Please turn this advertisement off and please do not resort to this metohd for any ofhter product. 

Thank you.