Receiver Won't Turn On
Contributor - Level 1

My son's HD Receiver won't turn on after working fine for about 2 years. Tried unplugging and resetting it and still nothing. Is there anything else I should check before I go to the store to swap for a new receiver?

Re: Receiver Won't Turn On
Master - Level 2

does the clock show on the front? does it have a time or just dashes ( --:-- )? or nothing at all.

If nothing at all, make sure that the power cord is connected at both the wall socket and the STB. If it is, then nothing else to do. call for replacement.

If dashes or clock is there, try reseating the coax. (unscrew from back and reconnect) then reboot the STB (unplug for 20 seconds and then plug back in), if this fails. call for troubleshooting and possible replacement.