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I'm one for the first FIOS customers in my area and are still using the age old d-link 604 router / NIM-100 setup.

But now I'm in need of some recommendation for how best to setup a new network configuration.

My current setup is this:


The DVR is sitting in a rack with the SlimP3, Bluray and other gear, and I only have one Ethernet connection and the COAX. The Ethernet is shared to the units by a small switch in the rack. Additionally, I can't get the connection to the media server to span between the network with the audio/tv gear and the private network behind the firewall.

But now I'm getting a new amplifier in the same rack that also needs internet connectivity. It also has the ability to link to a media server, so I want to finally get the connection to the media server to work.

I don't feel comfortable putting my media server on the network controlled by the dlink router (i.e. to the WAN side of the firewall). Call be paranoid, but I like to be in control of the access rules to media data. Besides, moving it to the WAN side of the firewall will give me connectivity problems from my PC's.

At the same time, the remove DVR access hardly ever works. I only had it work ones. Ever since, I get the common Gateway Error. Hence Remote DVR is not a priority, but online guide and VOD is.

So does anyone have recommendations on how to setup the network so I can access the media server both from my private LAN as well as from the Audio/TV rack, and still retain online guide and VOD?

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Re: Recommendation for network setup
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My first choice in your situation would be to call Verizon and ask for an upgrade to a newer Actiontec router so you can ditch the NIM100 and separate firewall and have everything firewalled and connected on one subnet. I have a similar setup, and I put all of my internet-connected devices on the Actiontec router, then have all of my computers and a Wireless N access point on a separate switch (connected to the Actiontec router over Coax with a MOCA/Ethernet bridge). My wireless devices are all connected to a 802.11N access point hooked up to the switch. It works very well for me, though I have PS3's connecting to my Media Server instead of PC's.