Recording programs at alternate times

Just had Fios installed with the MR DVR.    Is the DVR smart enough to tape a show at an alternate time if the first showing conflicts with higher level recordings?  Or does it then consider the other showing a repeat and not record it because first run only was selected?  My old TIVO box seems smart enough to figure this out. 

If it will not record the show is there a way around it besides recording all intances of a show?

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Re: Recording programs at alternate times
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It depends on how your recordings are setup. If you have it setup to record all airings on that channel it will record other times.

Re: Recording programs at alternate times
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To answer your question no it is not smart enough.. I came from directv and their recorder was able to record conflicts on first run only setup.. I would always leave network programing with higher priority and the cable channels like tbs tnt usa with lower priority.. If a conflict came up between network and cable channels the dvr automatically recorded the first run on the cable channels at a later time and no I did not have to record repeat programming..

I do not think this is a dvr issue as much as I think it may be an issue with the actual guide information.. I may be wrong on this but really can not understand why fios can not get this figure out..

Re: Recording programs at alternate times
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Sometimes all the initial showings in a week for a show on a network are marked as new.  In that case it may pick a later showing and record it.  If however only the first is marked as new, and you have first run picked then a recording of two higher priority shows will cause you to miss recording a later showing of the show that is skipped.