Remote Code For Carver 6250 Receiver


I am trying to use the Verizon / Philips RC 1445302 Remote to control my Carver Model 6250 audio receiver. I have tried the 0216, 1216 and 3636 codes listed in the Verizon remote manual, but none of them seem to work. I also tried the 922 procedure for scanning through the preprogrammed codes on the remote and reached the end of the list without finding one that worked. Does anyone know what remote code I need to use for the Carver 6250? If none exist on this control, is there a way to add the functionality either through Verizon or by using my Carver remote? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Remote Code For Carver 6250 Receiver
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If none of the codes work with your Carver, then the remote is not compatable with your unit. 

THis leave you with 2 options:

1:  Run the digital our from the stb to your audio reciever and use your Carver remote

2:  Run the analog out from stb to carver and have the set top box control volume


control the AUX device …

Some people may want to always adjust the volume using their AUX device (typically a home theater receiver) regardless of the mode they are in.

1. Press and hold the STB key. 2. While holding down the STB key, press OK.

3. Release both keys. The Device Keys will blink twice.

4. Press 9 - 5 - 5. The STB key will blink twice.

5. Press AUX. The AUX key will blink 3 times to indicate success in programming.