Remote DVR Web Access not working

I am a new customer and I'm having trouble with remote dvr. It worked for a week or so after I activated it, then again for about a week after I spent hours and hours with {please keep your posts courteous} tech support. Now it isn't working again. Everytime I log into FiOS tv central I get the "set top box not responding message". The website can tell if I enable or disable the remote dvr service, but it won't pull the schedules or any other information from the boxes nor will it let me set up recordings. I've searched these forums and have seen many others with the same exact problem but cannot find a solution. Does anyone have a solution. I've rebooted a million times. I've rebooted the router the boxes, set everything back to defaults, etc.

I was a Comcast customer and couldn't wait for my two year contract to expire with them. I was so excited to get FiOS but **bleep** I gotta say I have been so dissappointed with the service. There is absolutely no uniformity. The menu's are not user friendly whatsoever. The guide is horrible. I can't believe how bad it is. Wouldn't you think that if you're going to get into a new business, you'd look at your competition and try to one up them. Comcast's guide was sooo much better. I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually miss Comcast and regret trying out Verizon.

Is this the kind of service I'm stuck with for the next two years?


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Re: Remote DVR Web Access not working
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Do you have the Actiontec router connected directly to the Internet? 
Re: Remote DVR Web Access not working
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reboot your DVR and router....

if that does not cut it, reset the router with a paperclip or pen in the reset hole on the back of the router for 15 seconds... and reboot the DVR and try agian

if still not, call your buddies at tech support

dont let a new,  FREE , and when it works . AWESOME... feature sour you on the TV service

Did you try out Verizon for the menus and features?

Probably not..... you did it for the clarity, channels, speed, price, promotion.. whatever... let those factors be the ones that help you decide on what provider you want... not some tard on the phone, or some little feature that you lived fine without before

Re: Remote DVR Web Access not working
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I had a similiar issue and had reset the router and DVR with no change.

Before restoring the router to defaults I disabled the remote feature on the DVR with the remote and then re-enabled it.

For the moment this has done the trick and I have my DVR Web access back.