Remote VZ P265v1.1 can control TV volume, but it repeats
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I have a VZ P265v1.1 remote control, and I have programmed it to control the Volume and power with my Dynex 32" TV.  However, every time I press either Vol+/Vol-, the TV's volume moves by three steps instead of one (as shown on screen).  These steps make it hard to control the volume with any precision.  The TV's remote works properly and increments the volume by steps of one.  


With the VZ remote, there is an initial single volume step, then ~1/4 sec later 2 more volume steps.  And I can tell that the VZ remote is sending out a long or repeated signal, because if I click the Vol+/-, then quickly cover the IR emitter on the remote, I can get the Vol to increment a single step like I want!  


Is there any way I can alter this repeat emission behavior? To program the RC, I successfully used the VZ auto-find, and I also tried another manual code I found online (1490, I believe), but they both cause the same behavior.



Re: Remote VZ P265v1.1 can control TV volume, but it repeats
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Seems counter-intuitive, but try replacing the batteries. I had the same problem with my new Fios remote and a Panasonic tv, and that fixed it for me.