Remote stopped working with home theater

I have a Samsung home theater system and HDTV.  When FIOS was installed, we had no problem with the remote controlling the volume via the home theater.  Now it no longer works and I cannot figure out how to reprogram.

Found some threads explaining how to reprogram for the AUX button, but I do not have an AUX button on my remote.  Anyone know how to reprogram the remote to work with the home theater?  I only need to be able to adjust the volume - nothing else.


Re: Remote stopped working with home theater
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to control the home theater you will need to program it to the home theatre

if you have a AUX button on top of the remote it means you can program it to the home theater (RC 144 remote)

if the remote was replaced by Verizon in the past couple of months, Verizon is only sending out a 2 button remote (P265  remotes), flip the remote you will fin the model number of the remote

if it s a rc144 remote

use the below link and use the code search feature to program the remote to the home theater

if you are having difficulty programming you can contact the live chat or the phone support, i suggest live chat as it is easy to get an agent on chat rather than phone support

if you have a p265 remote you will need to purchase the 4 button remote with AUX button on it by visiting