Remote to Control A/V Receiver

I am a new FiOS customer that has a flat panel TV on the wall and a cable box, A/V receiver and subwoofer installed in a hidden closet.  The remote control that I received with my order only controls 2 devices (TV & Set Top).

Where can I find a remote that can control the TV (Vizio), Set Top (Cisco CHS 435 HD DVR), and A/V receiver (Sherwood Netboxx)?

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Re: Remote to Control A/V Receiver
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Unfortunately (as you have dsicoverde) Verizon no longer provides the 4 device remote.  I would suggest looking into a Logitec Harmony series as these are known to work well with the Verizon hardware although I have heard of some people having issues with initial programming.

The other alternative is a universal remote with a learning feature (point the remote for your old device and it can learn the IR codes).  The learning feature assures that even if all the functions of your device are not natively supported the new remote can still perform those funsctions.