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Re: Removing channels you are not subscribed to

I have tried this, and it does not work on my system. I did a chat, and they went through the same steps. It did not work. They took so long I got tired and told them it was fixed, to get the off the chat. The fix does not work.

Re: Removing channels you are not subscribed to
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Hi bowiea,

You'd better show me some love for this one. Here are the ins-and-outs of Guide setup. First, my term definitions. When I say Guide Mode, I am referring to the setting that dictates which channels display in the Guide. When I say Channel Mode, I am referring to which channels display when you use the CH+/- button to channel surf. When you've completed these setting you can expect that:

  • Your Guide Mode will remain persistent until an STB reset/reboot.
  • Your Channel Mode will only retain its setting until you turn the STB off.
  • Thanks to a mistake in the IMG programming, your Channel Mode will revert back to the Flip by Favorites setting each time you turn the STB off.

STB/DVR Guide Setup

The functions below are either a remote control button or a menu item. Either press the remote control button or use the navigation arrows on the remote to find/highlight/enter the menu option.

Follow these pathways to alter the channels displayed in the Guide:

1.) Menu > Settings > Television > Genres & Filters > Enable > OK
2.) Menu > Settings > Television > Last Viewed Guide State > Enable > OK > Exit
3.) Guide > Options > (Highlight the preferred option) > OK

That's it.

(Keep in mind that after a box reset, the box will forget the Guide Mode setting and you will have to repeat line 3.)

STB/DVR Channel Mode Setting

While watching TV, press the Right Arrow button on the remote control. Highlight your preferred setting using the Up/Down Arrows. Press OK.

This setting will now allow you to channel surf through only the selected channels using the CH+/- buttons.

However, as mentioned above, due to an IMG programming error, this setting will be lost each time you turn off your STB. The setting reverts back to the Flip by Favorites setting (which is All Channels, unless you've changed it), and will have to be reset when you turn the STB back on.

It is for this reason (and others) that I still use the time-consuming method of setting up my favorites list manually. Then I set my Flip by Favorites setting to Favorites 1. This way when I turn the STB off, and the box resets the Channel Mode to my Flip by Favorites setting, that setting is Favorites 1, and I don't notice any changes. Until Verizon fixes this error, I will continue using this method. Want my suggestions on setting up favorites, let me know.

Hope this helps.

Re: Removing channels you are not subscribed to
Helps but you still have to deal with junk channels you don't want