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SD picture distortion
Enthusiast - Level 1

My HD picture is just fine but the SD picture<depending on the channel is distorted.  Apparently FIOS is taking the HD feed and squeezing it horizontally, such that people have long faces and are tall and thin. I have noticed this on Ch 2,5,7,9,13 and others. On some channels notably 4 they are giving a letterbox presentation on SD.  There are several channels in this format.  Also some channels notably the Spanish channels are in normal 4-3 format.  I called regarding this viewing problem and was told that this was the way they got the feed and I should live with it, "tough".  I do notice that Time Warner does not have that problem.

I have one HD TV and 3 SD TV's.  I can compensate with the HD box, but cannot do anything with the SD systems.

Has anyone else noticed this problem???

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Re: SD picture distortion

Same problem. Would love to know if there's a fix.

Re: SD picture distortion
Enthusiast - Level 1

Same problem.  I live in CA and did not use to have this problem - only in the past year or year and a half.  My Dad who is on the East coast in NJ has all SD boxes and does NOT have this problem at all.  His installation is less than a year old.

I got the same line from support that this is a feed issue.  It's not - otherwise the competition (i.e. dish and cable)  would have the same issue and they don't.  All feeds can be scaled to fit the format with the right hardware so perhaps this is an older box issue.

The problem is that SD is becoming the minority - my guess is they are favoring the HD feeds.  It really looks horrible - suprised more people aren't complaining.