Series recording suddenly does not record
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Not the first time it's happened to us - both with the previous DVR and the new eSATA-enabled DVR.

Wh've had a series recodring set up for Top Chef ever since we had FiOS - 2008. It caught every season starting with the first epsode (of courst not the spin-offs since we can create recordings with windcards) - except this time. 9 episodes in and it still did not record any. I figured FiOS's dopey info provider had screwed up the series name. But no, telling it to create a new series from the Top Chef entry in the grid yielded a "this series already exists". We checked the existing series recording and it had no limitataions - any time, any channel, new & repeats. But it refused to record. We had to delete it and set up a new series recording for it.

Makes us wonder how many series we've missed new episodes of because the DVR simply decided not to record them.

Note - we do check the scheduled recordings every day to reschedule the conflicts that network TV is so fond of causing by starting a minute early or running 1 minute after the hour. This season's Top Chef episoded simply never appeared.

This is extremeny infuriating. We pay so freakin' much for the DVR rental so it can interact properly with the also expensive FiOS system thay one would expect the functions to be reliable - not that every day you have to compare every channel's broadcasts wih the hundred or so series we have set up to make sure what e're asking fo ris actually going ot be recorded.