Series recordings changed to manual
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A recent software update seems to have caused most (not all) of my scheduled series recordings to now appear as "Manual Recording" entries in the Series Manager. This quite annoying, since it makes it much more difficult to modify the order preference since most of the entries now all look the same.

Why did this affect some series and not others? Some of them had been scheduled for quite some time, while others just recently. Most series recordings are configured to record new episodes only.

Re: Series recordings changed to manual
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We had the same thing happen after the update that was rolled out last month. Most of the showes that switched to this Manual Series title are series set up for recording during previous seasons that are not currently in the schedule - Warehouse 13, Hot Set, Top Chef, etc; but about 20% are series currently running - Chopped, Hell's Kitchen, CSI...

We can certainly recreate the series that are currently in the schedule, but what about the series further out that there's no way to know when they will start up?


Not seeing anything about it in notices, and we're concerned so we'll probably call...not that we'll ever get a real answer.