Setting up FIOS STB with Windows Media Center

Hi all, let me preface my question with the following information.

I have a Sony VAIO PC with a built in tuner. Originally, I had DirecTV hooked in through the s-video connection on my tuner and Media Center would control channel changing (IR blaster) and guide features. DirecTV set it up for us, so I do not know how it was done.

Recently, I had FIOS put in, and using the same connections, the WMC worked just fine. However, I just installed Windows 7, so my previous configuration has been erased.

I am trying to set up WMC to receive its signal from the Verizon FIOS box over s-video, but I can't find any TV setting control other than setting up a digital tuner.

How do I configure WMC to work with the Verizon FIOS box?

Re: Setting up FIOS STB with Windows Media Center
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You should be able to choose the cable box from the tuner setup page.   According to a setup page from Microsoft:

  • On the start screen, scroll to Tasks, click settings, click TV, and then click Set Up TV Signal. Follow the steps to connect a TV signal, depending on the type of tuner or tuners that the cable is connected to, as well as the type of programming to which you subscribe.