Shows not recording

I am surprised that no one else is reporting this, so obvioulsy it might be limited to us.

Programs are not being recorded. I am not sure of the details; we need to watch the schedule of shows to record to be more specific. We will do that. The main thing I am not sure of is whether the shows truly were scheduled to record.

The problem is not inadequate hard drive space. That I know for sure. Tonight, which is a Friday (actually yesterday since it is past midnight) Ghost Whisper and Medium were not recorded. They were not reruns. We have a series thing for them so they should have recorded. On Thursday, Human Target was not recorded and CSI NY was recorded for about 20 seconds only. Both of them were also set as series.

We record the local news in the morning. Sometimes it records for a few minutes only. There is no one awake to stop it from recording. One time, it started in the middle. Starting in the middle would not be caused by space problems. In those situations where it did not record completely, we would have known that the DVR was full and we would have assumed that that was the cause; it was never the cause.

There are other things that seem to be missing, but we need to watch more closely.

Has anyone had problems such as this recently? Is there an existing relevant thread that I did not see?

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Are you trying to record more than two shows at once, or trying to record two shows at once and watch something else at the same time?

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Yup - we've been having this problem a lot actually.  At first, I thought it was only happening to seasonal series; that when the series ended and came back, the DVR didn't pick it back up again.  But just a few weeks ago I programmed Top Chef Masters.  It recorded the first show of the season and then skipped the next (first run only).  Looking at the schedule it didn't even have it showing to record this Wednesday even though it's set up.  Then, just yesterday I stumbled upon Nurse Jackie episode and I was like... wth!  Come to find out I've missed 4 episodes!!!

I'm about done with the DVR from Verizon, quite honestly.  My friend has a TiVo and I absolutely love the menus and ease of recording stuff and it's never, ever missed a show for her. 

Does anyone know, can we use TiVo w/ Verizon?

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FYI, last Friday, April 16th Ghost Whisperer and Medium were repeats.  That may explain why they were not recorded if you have them set as first run only.

This Friday I know that Ghost Whisperer is another repeat.  You would have to double check Medium as I do not watch that show.

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yes, when you're ready to upgrade to a TIVO, you just have to call verizon and place an order to downgrade your DVR to a cable card.  a cable card is what plugs into the TIVO and allows it to get all your subscribed channels.

just me mindful that the TIVO can't do Verizon's guide, or the VOD (video on demand) or the widgets.

The tivo instead will have it's own guide which you said you liked better, and if you wanted VOD you would have to get it from

amazon or netflix or something.     and no widgets that I am aware of.

but the trade off is that you get a really cool dvr that everyone wants.

the cable card is 3.99 and you're probably paying 15.99-19.99 for your DVR now.  so you would be taking that off your bill and replacing it with a charge for 3.99 for the cable access card.